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Detailed orthodontic work: 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01   Special Occasion Orthodontics (Wedding & Baptism):

  • Baptism – 3 months of fixed buccal braces:baptismkaza


  • Wedding – 3 months of fixed lingual braces:weddikonsta

And more: When children present with crowding or an unilateral crossbite in the mixed dentition, space can be achieved with a removable appliance:unknown expansion appliancedokiou ba b14b4 b1 Expansion-therapy followed by brace therapy: Crossbite correction facebookExpansion-therapy followed by sectional brace therapy (only upper four anterior teeth): pana     Lingual therapy (braces placed in the back of the teeth, totally invisible): forestadent_2d_lingual_brackets


frederico ba The aging process leads to a loss of the elasticity or tone of the skin. This causes the skin over the entire face to droop and sag, and results in wrinkles as well. The lower teeth begin to show as this process happens to the middle portion of the face. It may be time to think about lower teeth alignment, invisible with lingual braces wink emoticon

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  • Therapy with Invisalign – braces:invis


  • Therapy with fixed braces: elef
  • El before afterkata
  • thekla ba
  • chris

Mara Irivassiliki baema unnamed12565630_983353931759592_1704264091197370805_nb12intrusion bakritonbagemma bajulio bakarfouro ba b9 b7 b5 b2

  • Braces 20 monthsba5
  • danbeaf nikbeaf galabeaf antbeaf pana-1024x204nicbeaf georgbeafOrthodontic therapy with removable appliance (night time wear)erebeaf

ingrid ba topjet1 topjet2 panagiotis ba topjet3 achbeaf elinbeaf ellbeafharbeafrembeaf

  • Control of tooth eruption in lower prognathism combined with logotherapy:fran
  • Control of tooth eruption in upper prognathism with a removable appliance:Dana
  • Control of tooth eruption in upper prognathism with a headgear: evga