Biolase Epic Laser

Both our offices provide treatment accompanied with the latest Award-Winning Diode Laser Technology, the latest laser innovation from BIOLASE. Epic_hero_Final-web

EPIC™10 Diode Laser

  to accomplish in periodontics:

EPIC™ offers the most precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and tissue biotypes. With the exclusive diode laser wavelength, EPIC™ cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more hemostasis and supreme patient comfort. Also relief of lesions (aphthous ulcers, herpetic lesions) as well as performing “pocket therapy” using single-use disposable Perio tips.

to accomplish in orthodontics:

  • Temporary relief of minor pain (from tooth movement)
  • Operculectomies
  • Exposure of Unerupted Teeth for Bracket Placement
  • Reduction of Gingival Hypertrophy Associated with Brackets
  • Frenectomies and Fibroma Removal
  • Treatment of Aphthous Ulcers and Herpetic Lesions
  • Temporo-mandibular joint Disorders