Orthodontics without extractions and without headgear – how it works

For patients presenting with upper prognathism orthodontics used to mean extraction of teeth or the wear of headgear Today there is another way of making space where space is missing: the Top Jet Distalizer (moves the teeth to the back like a headgear does, just, totally invisible). First stage (regularly you would be wearing a headgear every night – well, you still can if you decide for the regular therapy) topjetini Second stage (look at the space that was created which is equivalent to an extraction space) tjinaction              isminicopyThird stage (The braces on the lower jaw are placed according to severity of malocclusion earlier or shortly before the end of therapy … and  … keep on smiling!) mariannafinalcopyr   mariannalowercopyr

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Summary Short Film of patients in the beginning, middle and in the end of therapy (greek)

Interview with Marianna (greek)

Interview with Remi (french)

Interview with Phillip (german)


Before & After Smile Gallery of happy Top Jet Distalizers (having avoided extractions or headgear)

  • Vassilis 13 years


  • Emily  36 years


  • Marianna 14 years topjet3
  • Panagiotis 18 years:panagiotis ba


  • Athena 43 years

ingrid ba

  • Elli 14 years


  • Elina 16 yearselinbeaf


  • Achilleas 13 yearsachbeaf
  • Haralampos 12 yearsharbeaf
  •  Remus 35 yearsrembeaf
  • Jannis 13 yearsTopjetsmilejanbeaf